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Wage Enhancement For Early Childhood Educators

Section 5_2017 Wage Enhancement_HCCEG Guideline

Section 5_Augmentation salariale et subventions daide aux services de garde en milieu familial

2017 WE Application (Centre based)

2017 WE Application Form (Home Child Care Providers)

2017 WE Application Form (Home Child Care Providers)

Formulaire de demande (fournisseurs) 2017

The Kenora District Services Board is the Service System Manager for Early Learning and Care/Best Start initiatives within the Kenora District and as such ensures that all community partners are working together toward and are committed to the same goals and objectives with respect to providing these services for children.

The KDSB goal is to support economic and social development in the District of Kenora by investing in and supporting an accessible, affordable and accountable Early Learning and Care (ELC) system, benefiting children, their parents, caregivers and the broader community.

The key objectives promoted by KDSB in the delivery of ELC are:

  • To support parents in financial need who are employed, in training or involved in other employment activities;
  • To foster early childhood development;
  • To provide flexibility and choice;
  • To provide child care in a safe, nurturing environment;
  • To provide appropriate standards of child care;
  • To support children and families at risk or with special needs; and
  • To work in partnership with others involved in Ontario’s ELC system

The KDSB is committed to ensuring that all aspects of ELC are planned for and managed in a coordinated and integrated manner across the service delivery area. This means that all programs are managed equally and as part of an integrated total ELC system; that there is relatively equal access to a variety of ELC services and that staffing standards are uniform, criteria standards for determining subsidy are universal, and access points for subsidy are integrated.

KDSB provides ELC subsidy to families who quality for assistance based on an Income Test. ELC subsidy may be provided for all day care for Infants (in some locations) Toddlers, and Preschoolers. Before and after wrap around care is available for school age children in most locations and is eligible for subsidy.

During school professional development days, March break and summer holidays, subsidized care is also available.

KDSB is a member of the Kenora District Best Start Hubs

What is Best Start? Best Start is an ELC strategy designed to help give Ontario’s children the best possible start in life and help them achieve success in school so they are more likely to complete school, find employment and make positive contributions to society. Best Start includes ELC full day and wrap around care, all day Junior and Senior Kindergarten and Best Start Hubs that offer a full range of services to support parents, caregivers, families and children in their communities. Best Start is an integration of all the supports a child will need to reach their potential; community agencies working together for a common goal of supporting our youngest members for the common good of our community.

KDSB is committed to providing culturally appropriate services to our Aboriginal children, families and caregivers. French language and culturally appropriate services will also be provided when possible.

Services Overview

The KDSB goal is to support economic and social development in the District of Kenora by investing in and supporting an accessible, affordable and accountable Early Learning and Care.

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